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QPlay service

Services related to Chinese Tencent Qplay service

The QPlay service is available on these models: v2-S1 / v2-S13 / v2-S14 / v2-S18 / v2-S21 / v2-S27 / v2-S3 / v2-S33 / v2-S38 / v2-S6 / v2-S9 / v2-Sub.

const SonosDevice = require('@svrooij/sonos').SonosDevice
const sonos = new SonosDevice('192.168.x.x')

All actions that require input expect an object with the specified parameters, even if it only requires one parameter.

  1. QPlayAuth


const result = await sonos.QPlayService.QPlayAuth({ Seed:... });

Input object:

property type description
Seed string  

Output object:

property type description
Code string  
MID string  
DID string  

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